16 May 2013

yay for visitors!

A weekend visit from my Grandma Martha, Grandpa D and Aunt Liz kicked off our steady stream of visitors coming this spring/summer.  It is truly wonderful to have guests.  Josh and I have been inspired by many of our hospitable elders to have a home that is welcoming and open to friends and family.  Not only is it a blessing to host people, but it's comforting to be in the presence of our loved ones again.
Grandma Martha has been hoping to take Grandpa D on trip to Europe for a while now and I think Aunt Lizzy helped them make concrete plans. I might not have all the details right, but the point of the story is that before going to London and Paris they decided to visit us in Oslo! They came for two nights and we packed our days together with breakfast at a local bakery, looking around at museums and an evening of dinner & relaxation at our flat.  Most of our museum time was spent on Bygdøy peninsula; on Saturday we went to the Viking Ship Museum, Fram (Polar Expedition Museum, the KonTiki Museum and we finished off the visit with Sunday morning in the Folk Museum.
photos taken at the Folk Museum

One of my favorite parts of our living situation is Sognsvann, the lake 10 minutes away from our apartment, so it was great to walk over there with Aunt Lizzy and Grandpa D after dinner on Saturday. Grandpa D collected some Norwegian rocks and pointed out cool birds to Aunt Lizzy and me while we chatted. It was a short visit, but definitely a sweet one.
Today we welcome Elliot Wilson, Josh's best friend from Seattle, to Oslo! Elliot will be staying with us for nearly a week. Still to come are Josh's family, my family and the Kurtz-Shaw family.  We're so excited to spend time with everyone and for our friends/family to see where we live!

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