27 May 2013

project life 2013: weeks 32+33

week 32
march 4-10
What happened this week? This seems like forever ago, but I am determined to keep sharing my pages here.  This week was kind of typical.  Josh was taking classes, I was tutoring and babysitting, we went for a hike and hung out with friends. We also began thinking about our plans for the summer and fall. 
(Click on the photos to see them larger)

Anything special in the spread? To change things up I made my own date card by layering strips of washi tape on a piece of cardstock.  I chose a color scheme and then just put the tape in a random order.  The date is written on a paper source label (paper bag colored). I also added in some fun 3x4 cards that I made myself.  A while ago I wrapped some pink string around cardstock; I'm glad I've found a use for it!  I also stamped green hexagons onto white cardstock.  I like that they coordinate well with the date card. 
Favorite photo: The close-ups of Josh from our hike. I was practicing using different settings on my camera and I am happy with the results.  He's cute.
Overall thoughts? I am loving the seafoam kit, but also working to add in some of my own paper tidbits. I am happy that I recorded some of our thoughts about where to live next year.  As I write this post, we are actually making that decision and it's cool to look back on our thoughts from a couple months ago. 

week 33
march 11-17
What happened this week? A normal week with some tutoring, meeting my language partner who I'm helping with English, eating dinner with friends, touring the chocolate factory for Josh and enjoying our first DNT cabin trip with friends.
(Click on the photos to see them larger)

Anything special in the spread? A trimmed down Design A pocket page insert with photos from our cabin trip and a Kvikk Lunsj wrapper. 
Favorite photo: I love the photo of me skiing.  Josh snapped that while skiing and he was able to capture both the joy and the effort that skiing is for me.
Overall thoughts? I'm happy with the insert and how I was able to use it to tell the story of our cabin trip.  I told the story on two different journaling cards, but it continues from the first to the second. It's nice that the two cards are side by side when first looking at this spread. 
Supplies and Tools: American Crafts thickerswashi tape, paper source labels, pretty paper from Dick Blick, random paper from my stash, Design A and B photo pocket pages (this variety pack), Seafoam core kit, Cobalt cardstock, black sharpie, black steadtler fineliner pen, slicker writer pens, my own handmade stamps.

Project Life is a simple scrapbooking system by Becky Higgins.  I am using this system to document our first year of marriage with photos, words and other fun paper stuff.  You can see my other project life pages here.  


  1. If I haven't mentioned lately, I LOVE that you're doing this project. Your craftiness continually astounds me :) Can't wait to see the book up close soon, but more importantly your face!

  2. I love this project too! You should try it...when I see you (in nearly a month!) I will tell you all the reasons why.


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