06 May 2013

i love tiny things (like pocket sized notebooks).

Josh has this idea that I think miniature or tiny things are automatically cuter than their bigger counterparts. Maybe this is true, but maybe not. I think it definitely applies to animals, babies, shoes, notebooks, and food. Bigger things can be cute too, though.  Josh is cute and he's not exactly tiny. So I don't think his theory totally holds up. However, I can't deny that I love tiny things and I'm a big fan of pocket sized notebooks.  They're small and cute, but also the perfect size for lots of different things. Several years ago my mom gave me some moleskine pocket sized notebooks to paint. I was hooked. Ever since, I've been using these tiny notebooks as a canvas to draw, paint, write, tape and stamp. I sell them in my etsy shop and I use them myself. Here are some of the many uses I've found:
1. My very own dictionary.  When I was studying/living in Costa Rica I was constantly writing down new Spanish words into one of my moleskines.  The process really helped me learn new words.  Sometimes it's funny to look back and see all the random words I jotted down or to remember at which point I learned these words.
2. To-do lists.  I usually carry at least one notebook with me in my pursue or backpack, so I can jot things down right when I think of them.   As long as I can remember my mom has written at the top of her to-do list "To Do's," so apparently I write that too.
3. Notes.  My kindle is not a good place to take notes about books I'm reading, so I use one of my moleskines instead.  A while ago I was reading a book by my Grandpa Matt called "Symbol and Ceremony."
4. Workout record. It's easy to take this notebook with me to the gym and record how far I ran and what type of exercizes I did. I'm not training for anything right now, so I don't need a formal workout tracking method. This works because I can still see my progress and it's motivating to add another entry to my list. 
5. Prayer book.  One of my moleskines was made especially to be a place for me to write down prayers, worries and anxieties.  On one particularly stressful day last summer my mom shared Philippians 4:6 with me, which was really encouraging. Shortly after, I made a notebook in the hopes that by writing down my worries and prayer I could begin to trust God more.

6. Travel journal.  Josh and I will be in France this week. We have extremely limited room in our backpacks (they're stuffed with camping gear), so I am taking an ecosystem pocket sized notebook along in place of my normal journal. 

Most of the moleskines I use myself are experiments and leftovers from what didn't sell in my shop.  Sometimes I paint over old designs (like on the Philippians 4:6 notebook) and I've tried taping the whole thing with washi tape. Recently I discovered ecosystem notebooks which are totally recycled and come in bright colors. I'm really glad to be using more sustainable products. I've sold a few in my shop and I am excited to use one myself for the first time this week!
Tiny pocket sized notebooks are for sale in my shop right now.  If you're in Oslo you can find me selling new designs at the artisan market in John Collets Plass on Sunday May 19 in the afternoon.


  1. i LOVE these!!! i may order a few :)

  2. Glad you like them! In mid July I'll be back in the States, so you can get cheaper shipping if you order then :)


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