29 April 2013

project life in 2013: weeks 28 + 29

week 28
february 4-10
What happened this week? This was a pretty normal week for us.  We continued to ski, I worked and Josh went to class.  We got together with some friends, attended a Russian party, and we went to the Teknisk (Technical) Museum in Oslo for our date night.  I made valentines for some friends back in the USA with a stamp that I carved.  
Anything special in the spread? Nothing too special here.  I made the triangle stamped 3x4 card with kraft paper and a stamp I carved.  I also included a piece of really cool paper (the blue & gold one) from Dick Blick.  My secret Santa (Erica Vogler) gave me some awesome paper for Christmas.

Favorite photo this week: The bottom two skiing pictures are my favorites.  The picture of both of us was taken when we skied off the main trail a little ways and the bottom right picture is of Josh about five minutes from our apartment.  I loved how the trees would be completely covered in snow during the winter.
Overall thoughts: I tried to sort of have a color scheme this week (yellow, gold and blues) and I like the result.  It's a little more cohesive than some of my past spreads. 

week 29
february 11-17
What happened this week? We went to see the Tallest Man on Earth in concert, Josh had his big Fulbright seminar and we went on the Fulbright ski weekend.  This week I also ended my tutoring sessions with one student, but picked up another student.  I also listened to Mindy Kaling's audiobook while I worked on projects and cooked.  It was pretty funny, but not super funny.  I enjoyed it anyways.
Anything special in the spread?  I used thickers to spell out "Tallest Man on Earth" on the picture of Kristian Matsson. I stuck the thickers right on the plastic page protector. I kind of wish I hadn't used the orange date card, but oh well.
Favorite photo this week: I love the picture of Josh with snow on his beard because it's so funny that that happens.  
Overall thoughts: I was glad to get a lot of photos from our ski trip into the spread.  I still wanted to share my thoughts about the weekend, so I used a foldable journaling card to include more words.

Supplies and Tools: American Crafts thickerswashi tape, paper source labels, pretty paper from Dick Blick, random paper from my stash, Design A and B photo pocket pages (this variety pack), Seafoam core kit, Cobalt cardstock, black sharpie, black steadtler fineliner pen.

Project Life is a simple scrapbooking system by Becky Higgins.  I am using this system to document our first year of marriage with photos, words and other fun paper stuff.  You can see my other project life pages here.  

25 April 2013

our trip to stockholm, sweden.

We’re kind of on a traveling kick this semester.  Both my extra income and our imminent departure from Europe (in July) have given us the urge to make use of any free time and go somewhere!  We want to see more of Norway and more of Europe, so last weekend we went to Stockholm, Sweden.  Our friend Molly joined us on this trip, which made everything much more cheery and fun.  In order to maximize our time in the city without spending an arm and a leg we took the night bus to and from Stockholm.  This gave us two full days in Sweden and we only had to pay for one night at a hostel.  The weather was perfect, so we spent most of our time outside.  Stockholm is made up of 14 islands, many of which are connected by bridges.  I loved being so close to the beautiful water. 

In Stockholm we:

rented bikes and biked all over the city

visited Djurgården- the garden island, where we rested on some trees

attempted to take a group photo

then asked someone else to take our photo

picnicked in grassy parks close to the water

took a ferry ride

walked around and saw lots of cool architecture like the city hall and many churches

walked through the narrowest alley in Stockholm

Not pictured, but also fun:  We attended a few musical events around the city as a part of the free culture night in Stockholm.  We stopped to relax at a few cafes. We took a Sunday nap in a sunny plaza. We played the stick game (where everyone gets a different size stick, you simultaneously drop them into the river from one side of a bridge and run to the other side to see whose stick traveled down stream fastest). We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant. We had such a good time in Stockholm.
I absolutely recommend traveling to this city!

20 April 2013

project life in 2013: weeks 25-27

week 25:
This week: Our first full week back in Oslo.  I got a two jobs and Josh started his classes. We were getting back into the swing of things and went sledding with friends on the weekend.  This week was definitely an adjustment from our Christmas break, but it was good to be with friends a lot. I got the seafoam project life core kit for Christmas and I used it a lot for this spread.  I love the journaling cards that fold, which gave me extra room to write about my  new job.

week 26:
This week: I had my first full week of work, we got a gym membership, Josh surprised me with a 6 month anniversary dinner, we did some redecorating in our flat and we rented skis! I used another foldable journaling card to share the story of our anniversary.  I also included the actual pieces of the sign that Josh made for our wall.
week 27:
This week: Lots of skiing for us and crafting for me (I started making stamps). We went sledding again for a date and skied to a church in the woods with a group of Christian Union friends.

Supplies and Tools: American Crafts thickers, washi tape, paper source labels, pretty paper from Dick Blick, random paper from my stash, Design A and B photo pocket pages (this variety pack), Seafoam core kit, Cobalt cardstock, black sharpie, black steadtler fineliner pen.

Project Life is a simple scrapbooking system by Becky Higgins.  I am using this system to document our first year of marriage with photos, words and other fun paper stuff.  You can see my other project life pages here.  

18 April 2013

our trip to tønsberg, norway.

This past weekend, Josh and I took a little trip to Tønsberg, a small city about one and a half hours South of Oslo. We took a train and stayed at a bed and breakfast.  Our B&B actually only provided one B;  we got a nice room in a house and we could use the kitchen to make our own breakfast.  Compared to our trip to Budapest, this was a very low key adventure. However, similarly to Budapest, it was was foggy and gray on Saturday morning; the sun eventually came out in the afternoon as we were jogging a long the wharf and it was a joyous sight! On Saturday we walked to castle ruins on the edge of town, we walked along the wharf, we walked across the town to have a picnic by the water, we watched a soccer game at a sports bar, we hung out in a coffee shop and we watched the sun set over the wharf.  Lots of walking, wandering and talking.  It was great.
our B&B

On Sunday a few friends (Benny, Jana and Beat) drove down to meet us.  We walked around the town a little more and up to the castle and then we drove a bit farther South to World's End.  Unfortunately, Sunday was cold and rainy, so we didn't spend tons of time walking around World's End.  Because of the fog, though, it did really look like the world's end.  Despite the cold I really enjoyed being close to the water and hopping along the rocks.  And it was really great to have our friends with us.
Josh took all these photos on Sunday.  He's become quite the photographer!

This was a really nice trip, but Josh and I agree that a day and a half is just the right amount of time in Tønsberg.  Also, sunny weather and renting bikes would make the trip even more fun.