18 April 2013

our trip to tønsberg, norway.

This past weekend, Josh and I took a little trip to Tønsberg, a small city about one and a half hours South of Oslo. We took a train and stayed at a bed and breakfast.  Our B&B actually only provided one B;  we got a nice room in a house and we could use the kitchen to make our own breakfast.  Compared to our trip to Budapest, this was a very low key adventure. However, similarly to Budapest, it was was foggy and gray on Saturday morning; the sun eventually came out in the afternoon as we were jogging a long the wharf and it was a joyous sight! On Saturday we walked to castle ruins on the edge of town, we walked along the wharf, we walked across the town to have a picnic by the water, we watched a soccer game at a sports bar, we hung out in a coffee shop and we watched the sun set over the wharf.  Lots of walking, wandering and talking.  It was great.
our B&B

On Sunday a few friends (Benny, Jana and Beat) drove down to meet us.  We walked around the town a little more and up to the castle and then we drove a bit farther South to World's End.  Unfortunately, Sunday was cold and rainy, so we didn't spend tons of time walking around World's End.  Because of the fog, though, it did really look like the world's end.  Despite the cold I really enjoyed being close to the water and hopping along the rocks.  And it was really great to have our friends with us.
Josh took all these photos on Sunday.  He's become quite the photographer!

This was a really nice trip, but Josh and I agree that a day and a half is just the right amount of time in Tønsberg.  Also, sunny weather and renting bikes would make the trip even more fun.  


  1. I love that yellow house above the sunset picture!

  2. wouldn't it be a fun place to live!


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