28 June 2010

a quote for the day.

What do we live for if not to make life a little bit easier for each other.

12 June 2010

half time.

It's half time of the usa vs. england world cup game. this means:

- I finally got to take a shower. I've been up since 7am because for some odd reason I decided to have a yard sale today. Note to self: never, ever have another yard sale. There were some perks to having the yard sale, however. Like getting to spend the morning with my best friend Niqui and making 90 bucks and getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't need.

-time for blogging. It's possible that I am the worst blogger. ever. But, I will try to be better. And by that I mean blog more than just once a week.

So, here are some things I'm looking forward to:

-being an introvert. I have begun to realize that although I am about in the middle between extrovert and introvert, I tend to lean towards extrovert during the school year and introvert during the summer. I guess it makes sense. During school I am surrounded by friends all the time and I can't go an hour in my room alone without getting on-the-verge-of-tears-lonely. But during the summer I love relaxing, reading, and spending hours alone at my craft desk. Tonight will be a relaxing evening most likely and its' just what I need right now.

-making paper. My friend Erica and I are going to make paper out of old mail tonight of tomorrow, but probably tomorrow. I made some last Sunday and it was amazing watching a pulp mixture of water and paper scraps turn into paper that I can use!

-Seattle. I'm going Tuesday to visit my boyfriend, Josh. It will be my first time in Seattle and my first time flying alone and I'm excited! I'm ready for a vacation, too. I've been working a lot lately and haven't had much time to relax. So hanging out with Josh and not having to work or do homework will be the best.

World cup is back on. gotta go.

05 June 2010

Finally Summer

Well, technically it's been summer for about three weeks, but I felt like summer really started last weekend. My family went on a backpacking trip for the weekend at Garden of the Gods (in Illinois not Colorado, unfortuantely). The loads of poisoin ivy and tick bites we got were made up for by the beautiful views and awesome rock formations we saw. I also loveeee backpacking meals because I'm so hungry that everything tastes ten times better. On this trip we had an Indian dish called Palak Paneer and backpacker's stew- both delicious!

The first picture is of me by one of the rock formations and this is my younger sister and me. I think we were excited to take our packs off.

In order to ensure I would not have a boring summer I made a list of things to do. Now that I'm in college, summer is not as exciting because friends go home and it gets a little lonely. But, I have some trips planned to visit friends, a family vacation and this lovely list to keep me busy (not to mention work and my summer class).

Here's the list:
1. Paint my bedroom at home. Check... I painted it tan and I LOVE it!
2. Make a quilt. I started on my first ever quilt last week and I have found that I love sewing.
3. Apply to a semester abroad program in Thailand for next spring.
4. Apply for some scholarships for next year.
5. Start a blog. Check!
6. Make a tie.
7. Have a tie dye party. Some friends and I are getting together tonight to tie die : )
8. Complie my favorite recipes into a recipe book.
9. Try at least five new recipes. Last night I tried Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Kebabs, a recipe I got from Cooking Light Magazine
10. Practice the flute.
11. Read ten books.
12. Practice yoga once a week
13. Write a poem
14. Enter a craft fair.
15. Scrapbook memories from sopohmore year of college.
16. Volunteer
17. Have a cookie party
18. Go on an adventure.
19. Type up the spring break trip log and email to my friends. We collectively recorded our log in my journal while driving home from California.
20. Work in the garden.

I'm turning 20 on July 18, so naturally my list has 20 things to do.

I also have a project to share with you:

I've had this card and matching envelope for quite a while and last week I finally got an idea for how to use it. I just glued a strip of kraft cardstock along the bottom, glued on some cute buttons, stamped the sentiment in navy blue ink and glued that on too. It was pretty easy. Sometimes simple things are the best. My roomate bought some gorgeous stamps for me that she got on sale at Target. They don't really have a name, but I like them! I used them to decorate the envelope. I might put this in my etsy shop. We'll see.

Hope you're having a wonderful, adventurous summer!