24 January 2012

the 2011 list

this year I:

spent a semester living, studying and exploring in Latin America

gained three new, loving and wonderful host families (two in Costa Rica and one in Nicaragua)

ate SO much (almost always delicious) food

instantly made new friends

skyped Joshua a whole lot

wrote hundreds of emails to friends and family

visited an organic farm in Costa Rica

made it my goal to become a farmer

decided to write in my journal every single day

failed to write everyday (but, nevertheless, did a lot of journaling)

gave passage meditation a try

became familiar with the bus system in San Jose

developed an addiction to a love for black coffee

spoke Spanish daily

lost a fair amount of my Spanish speaking ability  (I hope to regain it again!)

saw a volcanoe

swam in a river and played on the muddy bank for five hours with my Nicaraguan friends

threw up on the side of the road in San Jose

ran sprints in my front yard

celebrated Chinese New Year with a huge feast, family and friends

studied the history, economics, culture, politics and literature of Latin America

dyed Easter eggs with my host mom

helped out in first grade class full of curious, sweet little Ticos

learned to be bold

ate a lot of meat

learned to be a non-snobby vegetarian


re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

learned how to handle feeling lonely and to rely on the people around me for comfort

sucked the marrow out of life

felt bored


drank fresh fruit smoothies made by my abuelita

sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with my Costa Rican school kids.


sat on the porch

did a lot of homework

went to a art and culture festival

wrote a paper about sustainable agriculture



spent a week in Cuba

ate 5 ice cream cones in one night  dream come true

celebrated Easter in the ocean

reflected, processed and wrote in my journal

had a debriefing weekend in Miami

cherished my last moments with my LASP friends

expanded my understanding of what it means to be a Christian

came home

hugged my parents

watched my sister play soccer

painted many a dorm room

listened to Narnia and Harry Potter audiobooks with Wes


wandered the streets of seven different Italian cities

developed deeper friendships

worked on my quilt

hiked, biked and ate good food in Crested Butte, Colorado with my family.

took a couple summer classes

hung out with Josh and his family  in Seattle

worked in various gardens (mine, Josh's and St. Paul's)

played soccer

ran at very early hours of the day with Jamie Hoag

reunited with my college friends

 struggled with my own negativity

experience reverse culture shock

walked in the gullies

hung out with Allison in Texas

longed to be in Costa Rica

loved being back at Greenville College with friends all about and family nearby

felt overwhelmed by classes

tutored a Chinese student in English

participated in Wednesday night community meal

enjoyed many "coffee dates" with a multitude of wonderful friends

spent hours talking with Kelly, Niqui, Caitlin and Erica in our cozy (sometimes messy) apartment

played the ritual Christmas Block Game with my cousins

celebrated Christ's birth at St. Paul's and with my family

*I got this idea from elise's blog. While this is not a complete list of everything I did in 2011, it was a nice, reflective process to write down many of the ways I spent my time this past year.  And I know it's a little bit late since we're a good month into 2012...oh well : )