25 April 2013

our trip to stockholm, sweden.

We’re kind of on a traveling kick this semester.  Both my extra income and our imminent departure from Europe (in July) have given us the urge to make use of any free time and go somewhere!  We want to see more of Norway and more of Europe, so last weekend we went to Stockholm, Sweden.  Our friend Molly joined us on this trip, which made everything much more cheery and fun.  In order to maximize our time in the city without spending an arm and a leg we took the night bus to and from Stockholm.  This gave us two full days in Sweden and we only had to pay for one night at a hostel.  The weather was perfect, so we spent most of our time outside.  Stockholm is made up of 14 islands, many of which are connected by bridges.  I loved being so close to the beautiful water. 

In Stockholm we:

rented bikes and biked all over the city

visited Djurgården- the garden island, where we rested on some trees

attempted to take a group photo

then asked someone else to take our photo

picnicked in grassy parks close to the water

took a ferry ride

walked around and saw lots of cool architecture like the city hall and many churches

walked through the narrowest alley in Stockholm

Not pictured, but also fun:  We attended a few musical events around the city as a part of the free culture night in Stockholm.  We stopped to relax at a few cafes. We took a Sunday nap in a sunny plaza. We played the stick game (where everyone gets a different size stick, you simultaneously drop them into the river from one side of a bridge and run to the other side to see whose stick traveled down stream fastest). We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant. We had such a good time in Stockholm.
I absolutely recommend traveling to this city!

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