23 May 2013

project life in 2013: weeks 30 + 31

week 30
february 18-24
(Click on the photos to see them larger)

What happened this week? I was sick early on in the week, but still did tutoring and babysitting.  I was well enough to attend the Local Natives concert, duh.  The concert tickets were a gift from Elise (Josh's sister) and I would not have missed it for anything.  It was awesome. Thanks again, Elise!  The cabin weekend for Christian Union was this week, too.  
Anything special in the spread?  I added an insert with 2.5 x 3 inch pockets to include lots of photos from the CU weekend.  I took a bunch of photos and someone else from CU shared some of his photos with me.  Some of the pictures in the insert measure 2.5 x 3 inches and others are 5 x 3 inches. I also tucked a note I wrote during the prayer walk into a velum envelope and sealed it with washi tape.  Someday I might like to remember what I was thankful for that night.
Favorite photo: The picture of me playing soccer is pretty great (it's in the insert).  A group of us played soccer in the knee-deep snow for about an hour.  It was hilarious, difficult, exhausting and so fun. I also love the shot of Nordmarkskapellet, the chapel in the North forest where we attended church.
Josh's cousin Christopher got married on February 24, so we wrote a note to him & Ali that was read at their rehearsal dinner.  It was cool that we could sort of participate because we were really bummed to not actually be there.  We saw pictures later and it looked like a wonderful wedding!
Overall thoughts? I wish I had taken my camera to the Local Natives concert.  This was my first photo pocket insert and I really like this technique. I also used an insert in our wedding spread, but it's just a big clear pocket that holds our program, invite and wedding cards.  I think I'm starting to get a bit more creative with this project.

week 31
february 25- march 3
What happened this week?  We finally gave Benny his birthday gift, which was a ski trip to Ullevaal Seter, where stopped and bought him a treat + coffee.  His birthday was on Halloween, so this was a long time coming.  The apple pie at Ullevaal Seter was superb. We did a little bedroom rearranging and the normal stuff- work and school.  I participate in Ali's "Day in the Life" challenge on Thursday, but it was kind of a slow day. We did have a pancake breakfast and take a nice walk, but most of the day was spent working/studying. I did some painting that day and I got together with my friend Tabea to make cakes for our friend Ellen's birthday party on Friday. 
Anything special in the spread?  I included my "Day in the Life" description in a small envelope sealed with washi tape.  It's easy to open and read if I or anyone else is curious of our happenings on February 28, 2013.
Favorite photo: The world pie.  Not only is chocolate silk pie delicious, but I am quite proud of the way I made frosting look like a map.  Plus, we made little flags representing the countries of our friends.  Ellen is an International Relations major, so I the pie was right up her alley.
 Overall thoughts: I love the colors this week, but found it hard to take "everyday" photos.  I'm realizing that one of the things I most want to remember about our life in 2013 are really the people.  I want to remember our friends, but I just don't take that many pictures of people.  That's something to work on, I guess.

Supplies and Tools: American Crafts thickerswashi tape, paper source labels, pretty paper from Dick Blick, random paper from my stash, Design A and B photo pocket pages (this variety pack), Seafoam core kit, Cobalt cardstock, black sharpie, black steadtler fineliner pen, slicker writer pens.

Project Life is a simple scrapbooking system by Becky Higgins.  I am using this system to document our first year of marriage with photos, words and other fun paper stuff.  You can see my other project life pages here.  

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