31 July 2011

simple summer lunch.

 Thursday's lunch was kind of my ode to gardens. After a long morning at soccer camp I walked outside to the garden and came back in with lunch.  My mom and I bought a bunch of heirloom tomatoes at a sale in St. Louis earlier this summer and so far the green zebras, isis candies and snow whites are ripe.  I'm loving it. I made a toasted bagel sandwich with homegrown tomatoes, homegrown basil, pesto and feta cheese.  My mom stemmed some homegrown broccoli and I sprinkled it with lime.  Delicious, simple and free!

Today I'm off to Italy. Ciao!

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  1. i have tomato envy: this looks SO delicious. i wish my family could grow tomatoes but every year we try and our dog always manages to eat them first (no amount of fencing seems to keep her out!!)


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