27 July 2011

2 years later and she still hasn't blogged.

At least that's not really true, but it has been a while since I've blogged.  Here's why:
+I decided to take two summer classes.  So much work.  But that's okay because I will graduate on time this spring with two majors and a minor.
+I worked full time painting dorm rooms. A pretty good job because I worked with my friend Wes and we constantly listened to Harry Potter audio books while drank coffee (and painting, of course).
+I ran and/or practiced soccer everyday almost everyday in order to be ready for this upcoming season.
+Josh came to visit for a week.  This was my birthday present from my parents and was seriously the best thing ever.
+While Josh was in town a lot of our friends came down for the weekend to hang out. Most of my friends don't live in Greenville over the summer so we are never all together.  However, this summer everyone came down to see Josh (for the first time since December) and hang out all together.  We were missing a few people, but overall it was wonderful to be reunited.
+I went to Colorado for a week with my familia.  Great times.
Photo overview: Josh and I went for a bike ride to a local dairy farm for ice cream, yogurt and chesse.  Michael and Kelly bought Josh and me a kite for our b-days.  Annual summer tie-dye party with friends who came for the weekend.  I recently acquired a little kitten named Nala and Josh loves her.  Josh and I celebrated my birthday with a picnic in Forest Park (St. Louis, Mo), followed by a short zoo trip and an iced chai at Kayak's Coffee.  Favorite zoo animal, of course, because my last name is Zahniser.  Poppies in Crested Butte, Colorado.  The Butte.  Layla with her state flower, the columbines.  Jumping on a rock atop the Continental Divide.

So that was the last month or so of my life.  I leave for Italy on Saturday, but I plan to blog a couple more times before I leave, so stay tuned!

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