12 August 2011


unpacking from an amazing 10 day trip to Italy.

editing tons of photos taken during the trip.

staring at my "to do" list.

feeling like I must do everything in the next five minutes.

realizing that feeling is silly.

praying that God will calm my soul and take away my stress.

thankful for my soccer girls that made the past 10 days fantastic.

finishing the lovely book Jayber Crow.

planning some new products for the shop.

eager to finish up my summer minibook and begin making an Italy minibook.

excited beyond belief for my roommates to move into our apartment in 10 days.

so ready for Josh to come back in 4 days.

happy to be home with family, but missing the beautiful country of Italia.


  1. welcome home!!! can't wait to see pics :)

  2. no way. jayber crow is the next book on my list.

  3. alyssa- thanks! I will post some soon.

    niqui- it's so good, you will love it!


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