23 September 2013

around here: we're employed!

Photos from top to bottom: a custom card order for Grandma Kay// Josh's classical guitar made by Uncle Willis// tip top of the legacy house (more about this place soon)// herbal healing in progress// Josh got his wisdom teeth out

Life has been pretty good around here. Josh is recovering well from his mouth operation. We're getting to know more people in Wichita, we love our housemates and our friends across the street, we're starting to feel comfortable at two different churches, we love our home and living close to the river, and we are feeling so blessed to have jobs! Over the weekend the weather was hinting towards fall, which I loved. After a great 9 mile run (Josh and I are both training for a half marathon in October), I biked to the farmer's market with Lauren, Kenzi and Cora. Then we relaxed a coffee shop for a while, where Josh and Daniel joined us. Saturday night JRLD (that stands for Josh, Rachel, Lauren and Daniel) headed over to Grandparents Kline for dinner. Both Saturday and Sunday were a wonderful mix of relaxation and fellowship with friends and family.

This past week was our first full week of work. So far we enjoy what we do. This year Josh gets to write his Master’s thesis, so he spends a good chunk of the day reading and thinking about what he’ll write. Since he needs time for studying, Josh applied for several part time jobs. A couple weeks ago he was called for an interview with the YMCA for an after school recreation leader and he got the job! He’s now working at Hamilton Middle School; his job requires him to monitor students during an academic time for homework or reading and then he leads students in sports activities. The Y sponsors an intramural soccer league amoung the middle schools and Josh’s kids are pretty into soccer. Therefore, the majority of sport time is dedicated to soccer practice. Josh says he really likes connecting with the kids, biking to work and doing soccer stuff again.

I was lucky enough to get an interview at Woodman Elementary School for an ESOL Paraeducator position. Aunt Meme told her friend Vikki about me back in the Spring. Vikki actually worked at Woodman as an ESOL teacher, so when she heard about an opening at Woodman she emailed the principal about me. That same day (Wednesday) I got called from the principal inviting me for an interview. I went on Thursday for my interview, it went great, and I was offered the job right on the spot! I, of course, accepted. 

My job requires me to assist various ESOL students in different grade levels with their class work or extra reading and writing. This past week I went into several different first grade and second grade classrooms to help students. In the afternoons I helped out in the ESOL classroom with whatever was going on. Many students are pulled out of their normal class to doing reading and writing with the ESL teachers. One of my favorite parts is helping a little Mexican girl in the first grade classroom. She’s very new to the USA and has been in school just a few days longer than I’ve been working there. My job is to make her feel more comfortable and to help her learn English. So far I’ve been speaking to her in Spanish and English, which is a fun challenge. She’s extremely shy, so besides repeating the colors and numbers I’m teaching her in English, she only speaks to me in Spanish.

How's your September going?


  1. Congrats Rach!!! This is such exciting news!! :) And I'm glad you got a taste of fall too...it's my favorite season. I celebrated this weekend by making pumpkin pancakes & pumpkin spice coffee :) Love, Alyssa

  2. Those cards turned out great! I especially love the set on the right. I wish Michael and I could come over right now and celebrate Fall with you two. How about a Skype date soon?? Miss your face.

  3. Thanks guys! Kelly, each card is different which is so fun. It was quite a challenge to come up with so many unique cards (although, honestly, some are quite similar).

    Alyssa, have you tried Kelly's recipe for pumpkin spice syrup? It's right here (and so good!): http://thewinsomesail.blogspot.com/2013/09/diy-pumpkin-spice-latte-chai.html#comment-form

    I'll celebrate Autumn with you guys on my mind :)

  4. So, are you guys in Wichita as in Wichita Kansas? I did my internship there 3 summers ago and my Aunt and Uncle live there. If you haven't gone yet, you must check out the Donut Whole. Their maple bacon is every bit as good as it sounds, and they have leopard carpet floors. Also, Meads Corner is an awesome coffee shop that was a favorite work spot of mine. The Spice Merchant is a really awesomely HUGE spice shop downtown that is worth visiting also... And you guys aren't too far from Kansas City - my home! So if you're available on a first friday of the month, you should definitely check out the crossroads art district in KC! (and if you guys aren't living anywhere near Wichita Kansas, then please disregard this entire comment...)

  5. Andie, we are living in Wichita, KS and loving it. We run along the river and we have already been to Mead's several times. Thanks for your other suggestions! We'll be sure to check those out. I'm enjoying reading your blog and learning more about South Korea!


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