07 August 2013

currently: august

photos from our recent date at Forest Park in St. Louis

enjoying the surprisingly (sometimes) cool weather in Illinois.

grateful to be living with my parents for the past few weeks.

signing up to run a half marathon on October 13.

watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

practicing tennis.

taking care of my grandparent's plants and my sister's pets.

sorting through old papers and old stuff; getting rid of the unnecessary.

packing lots of our necessary stuff to move to Wichita.

praying for a job offer.

feeling ready to try new things.

eating most meals outside.

trying to get caught up on project life.

excited for a free concert at the Botanical Gardens today.

even more excited to meet up with friends at said concert.

thinking of sewing a duvet cover.

wondering if that's really the best use of my time right now.

remembering how the sun stays up until 11pm in Olso during the summer.

missing friends who are far away.

loving new hobbies: slacklining, tennis, kite-flying.

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