26 March 2013

at home "cabin trip."

I mentioned in my last post that Josh spent Thursday night in a DNT cabin called Tømtehytte and I would be meeting him there on Friday.  Well, on Friday afternoon Josh and I met up at a cabin/restaurant, called Ullevål Seter, in the forest 5 kilometers from our home and we planned to ski up to Tømtehytte together.  When we met up we were both pretty exhausted- Josh from skiing up an unprepared track to the cabin on Thursday and me from skiing to Ullevål Seter with huge skis (I had to borrow some friend's skis and his feet are way bigger than mine).  We caught up on each other's happenings from our time apart and then talked about skiing up to Tømtehytte.  Josh said it was about 11 more kilometers and all uphill.  We both decided that we just didn't feel up for that challenge.  Instead we bought some cake at Ullevål Seter, skied home (all downhill!) and decided to turn our apartment into a cabin.

Josh quickly checked his email and then we decided no more internet for the night.  We also turned off the lights, lit candles and used our headlamps.  We made a tent over our futon by attaching a sheet to hooks on our wall and securing it to our desk and table.  Then we proceeded with our cabin trip; we ate dinner, played games and read a recent sermon of my Grandpa Matt's all under our tent. In the morning we broke our no internet rule to watch our current favorite show, Modern Family, in the tent. It was a really fun alternative to skiing up to a cabin!

Today we leave for Budapest, Hungary for about a week.
Happy Easter!

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