23 January 2013

greenville goodness.

On the plane ride home to Oslo I wrote a list of some of my favorite memories from the last week or so in Greenville.  Some is the key word here.  It would take a whole day to list all the goodness of our time in Greenville, so this is just a portion of the good memories.  I felt blessed by so many people.  Here's the list:

game nights, cookies and SNL with friends

a hug goodbye to erica

a really good conversation with my dad at jo's java (in honor of his 50th birthday)

watching my cousin mary ride her bike

walking a mile with my mom on our last day in greenville

a car ride with josh with a beautiful sky and good music

hearing grandpa matt's account of his birthday morning + celebrating his birthday

helping my mom organize the house

breakfast with nat

a double date with michael and kelly

laughing a lot with elise at jo's java

snuggling and laughing with my college roommates

visiting jordan and niqui in decatur

the hymns at st. paul's

two hugs from grandma ann the day we left

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  1. Another missed opportunity to mention the Sing-Alongs. LOL


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