26 January 2013

around here.

We're back into the swing of life in Oslo, which means plenty of time for outdoor activities!  We've already gone sledding (more to come on this crazy adventure later) and we rented skis.  Josh's classes have begun.  He has two classes, one about consumption and another about success stories in the field of development, both of which are somewhat intriguing but do not really pertain to his areas of academic interest in the slightest. He goes to SUM for a two hour class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  No classes on Friday means plenty of time to cross-country ski (everyone around here does it, or so it seems); yesterday he went skiing twice!  Though we've only gone a couple times this season, he really enjoys skiing and seems to be a natural at it.

The most exciting news for me is that I have two jobs!  I work at Ungdomsakademiet (Youth Academy), where I tutor a high school student in English.  We meet for two hours twice a week.  I'm really enjoying getting to know my student and planning lessons to suit his learning style.  My other job is a babysitting gig for three young Norwegian kids (ages 5, 3.5 and 1.5).  I pick these kids up from barnehage (daycare), which means getting winter gear on the two squirmy younger girls.  Then I get them to walk up the hill to their house while I push the youngest in the stroller.  It's not always easy to get up the hill, but when we get home they start to draw or play with their ipad and I make their dinner in peace.  The parents hired me because they wanted an English speaking babysitter.  The dad is a native English speaker, so they want the kids to grow up bilingual. I find communicating to be the most interesting part of the job.  The kids understand English really well, but pretty much only speak Norwegian.  Occasionally they say an English word, but never full sentences.  I think my Norwegian comprehension abilities are sky rocketing.  I usually understand what the kids want to tell me and if not, I ask them to show me.  Both my jobs fall on Tuesday and Thursday, so I have the rest of the week to plan lessons, practice skiing, workout at the gym and spend some time being crafty.  I'm in the process of getting my etsy shop up and running again.  

Other than our time spent at school and work, we are enjoying spending time in our home together, hanging out with friends, attending Christian Union and, of course, trying to get better at cross-country skiing. Our home is feeling more homey & cozy these days.  We have put up some new decorations and photos on our walls and we usually eat breakfast and dinner together.  I'm loving the french press that was a christmas gift from Uncle Frank. And, our letter wall is growing!  Most recently we received a letter from Obama's dog (actually from my Grandma Ann).  Maybe you can see it in the top right.  Thanks to all you who have sent us letters.  We still want to write back!


  1. you got a letter from Obama's dog?!? that's AWESOME. and that's so cool that you're nannying and teaching English...I'm going to start tutoring @ an immigration center in town - I was thinking about you and your teaching English as a second language skills - I need them!! :)

  2. Yep! I think my Grandma got some "Obama's dog cards" because she worked on the campaign...not quite sure though. Good luck with teaching! eslcafe.com is a great website with a lot of good ideas.


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