05 October 2012

around here.

It's been a bit quite on the blog lately.  We've been busy around here at the Zahniser-Cranston household.  Since I lasted posted we hosted guests (my grandparents!), made a few delicious batches of applesauce with apples from a friend's garden and went to a Wintersleep concert (it was great!).  I went on a hiking/camping trip to Stavanger.  Josh stayed home, went to class and has been doing some more thinking about his fulbright project.  We've really been enjoying cooking meals together, running around the lake in the mornings, riding our bikes to class or the library and spending time with our garden friends.  I plan to share more in-depth posts on a lot of these things next week. 

This weekend is another exciting one.  We're both going into the woods for a cabin weekend, but with different groups.  Josh will be with his classmates from SUM and I'm going with people from Christian Union. It's really a beautiful time of year in Oslo; the leaves on the trees are turning to golden shades of yellow and crisp shades of red and orange.  And if it's not raining the sky is usually bright blue!  I've been feeling all sentimental about autumn.  I think when I'm away from home I notice the change in seasons more and think more about the traditions of my family and friends during certain times of year. I'm looking forward to baking pumpkin pies, drinking hot tea and coffee, hiking amoung the colorful trees and maybe even hosting a turkey trot! 

We send our love to all of you, our dear family and friends.


  1. That third picture is SO COOL!!!
    Also, I hear you're going to Caleb's weddding!!!!!!

  2. Love the applesauce making - that signals fall to me. It is one of my favorite October things, so I think it's great you could "make sauce" in Oslo. And I'd love to see pictures of the beautiful colors on the trees, along with the AMAZING pictures you already are posting. Wowsa - so glad for the opportunities you both are having. Love you much!


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