20 August 2012

sognsvann lake

Discovering Sognsvann Lake was a sweet, sweet surprise.  We knew this lake was nearby, but did not know where and when setting off for a run one day we happen to follow the trail that led us here.  Since that first delightful run we have had a few more adventures at Sognsvann.  We have gone on a few more runs, we have hiked around the lake, we've picked the ripe raspberries on the surrounding bushes, we have sat silently to write in our journals and we've jumped into the cool, clear waters.   I've found this lake to be a place of refugee and renewal, a place to find peace and to clear my mind, and a source of joy.  It's not always easy to be here in a new country without close friends and family nearby, but in the difficult or lonely times we are reminding ourselves that this isn't just a tough year we have to survive or make the best of, rather it's a great opportunity in which we should rejoice and enjoy!  Coming to this lake makes it a pleasure to live in Oslo.  My great grandfather, Howard Zahniser, believed that being in nature can restore one's soul and bring peace and happiness.  My time spent at this lake has done exactly that.  
We've been blessed with some sunny days since our arrival nearly two weeks ago.  We were surprised to have days so warm that we could actually swim in the lake!  But we know this warmth won't last.  We've heard that in the cold weather people ski around the lake.  So now we're on the hunt for some inexpensive skis!

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