26 August 2012

project life: the rest of summer.

It's been a while since I've posted anything related to project life, but I have been working on this project on a weekly basis and I love it!  I'm sharing the rest of the summer here and then in a later post I will share our wedding, honeymoon and hopefully I will get caught up to our first few weeks of married life.  You can read about this how/why I started this project here. So, first up is Michael and Kelly Baker-Trapp's wedding!
The Baker-Trapp wedding:
Weddings are special, so I used a whole page to document this event.  (Typically I use on page to document one week.) Michael and Kelly are our dear friends and the first of our close friends to get married this summer.  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and both Josh and I were blessed to be included in their wedding party.  I included their wedding invitation in the top left and some photos from the bachelorette party, wedding and reception.  Plus, a bit of journaling about the weekend. 

June 17-23, 2012
This was just a regular week in my summer.  I went to work, I hung out with friends and family and Josh, and I enjoyed working in the garden.
You might be able to read some of the journaling on these pages to see what I was thinking during this week.

July 1-7, 2012
This was another typical summer week, but it was my last week at work for the summer, hence the class photo.  This summer Josh and I played in a 7v7 soccer league on the GC Alumni team.  We loved it! I happened to see this picture  on facebook of myself playing soccer, so I included it.  For fourth of July we went to Caleb Romoser's house to swim in the lake, relax on the beach, eat yummy food and watch fireworks.  It was a good week.

The Hohm wedding:
Another great wedding of two great friends, Niquita and Jordan Hohm.  Josh and I were both in this wedding as well, and we loved getting to stand up beside our good friends as they made a lifelong commitment to each other.  I wish I had more photos of the wedding, because it was in a meadow outside and quite lovely.  I did have some fun pictures from the reception and the bachelorette party, which I included.
And I included a bit of their wedding program.

July 8-14, 2012:
I didn't take a ton of pictures this week, but the tomatoes were so ripe and beautiful that I managed to take a picture every time I ate a tomato. This week is sort of dedicated to my love of tomatoes.
July 15-21, 2012, the week before our wedding was quite hectic, so I haven't made a page for that week yet.  I plan on it, though!  I like that this project is easy to maintain, even if I get a little bit behind.  Soon I'll share our wedding pages!

For those of you interested in starting this project, look here to learn more about project life.  For those of you scrapbookers or other project lifers,  here are the supplies I used in these pages: Black Signature Binder, Project Life Cardstock- Cobalt Collection, Photo Pocket Pages Designs A and B (I have this variety pack),  buttons and paper tabs from Ormolu, colorful Sharpies, American Crafts Slick Writers. Washi tape from this etsy shop.  Lots of kraft cardstock, because it's my favorite.  Since I'm pretty thrifty, I plan on mostly using supplies I already have.  However, I have discovered the wonderful world of free project life printable journaling cards.  I suggest searching for project life on pinterest to find lots of freebies. 

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