14 August 2012

our apartment

 Our parents have been asking what our apartment is like and we thought maybe others would be interested too, so here's a close look at it.

living/dining room:



front door:

We've really enjoyed making art for our apartment and putting up maps to make this place feel more like a home.  Reusing and scavenging have also contributed to making our apartment a better place.  In the area behind our apartment and in the student village we've found a couple soccer balls (unfortunately, they're flat), a bucket that we're using to collect shower water, rubber bands, a mushroom carton that now holds our extra toiletries, a clothes pin and lots of newspaper that now props up our bed.  We save every piece of paper and cardboard that we get and a lot of the ziploc bags we packed in are now being used for food.  It's been a bit like a game for us.  We like to see what random scrap item can be turned into something useful.  We did have to buy some things for our apartment including the comforter and the curtains, but we're mostly using what we brought with us and what we can find for free.  So, that's our apartment!  I didn't share any photos of the bathroom because it's quite small, hard to photograph and not too interesting.  Feel free to ask questions about our home and our lives here!


  1. Love the pics! this gives us a better idea of your living space and your life.....Sure love you both much and think you are doing so well. God is good and his faithfulness extends far beyond what we can think or ask!

    Keep posting as you can and tell of some of your adventures as possible. Missing you

  2. Thank you, Rachel! It's good to have pictures in which to place you and Josh in my mind.

    Do you have an open shower, equipped with a good long-handled squeegee for your shower floor? Where did you find your great double dyne? Have you purchased any weird food yet thinking it was something else?

    Love to you both,

  3. Georgann,
    We have an open shower, but no squeegee. Should we get one? The dyne is from Ikea, it's a winter one-level 4 I think, so right now it's a bit too warm. The weather has been really nice lately and everyone here says this is the warmest it's been all summer. Maybe the weirdest thing we've bought has been a small melon that we think is honeydew melon. Nothing too crazy, yet! We are having a hard time finding baking soda, but hopefully some place will have it.
    We miss you guys!

  4. Thanks for responding, Rachel! Mathea and I love the melons in Norway. I'm remembering the best ones we had were from Spain.

    I think the squeegee is helpful. It makes the bathroom a little more accessible after the shower and helps keep it cleaner. In our flat in Bergen, I remember bumping the hot water heater a lot during my showers.


  5. hmmm. we mind need to get a squeegee. great to hear from you georgann!


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