04 November 2013

our diy duvet cover.

Whew. I am SO glad this project is finished. I was a little ambitious in starting this duvet cover. I saw this  and decided to recreate it. I went out promptly the next day to buy a bit of fabric to accompany some of what was already in my stash. I’m not in to measuring or taking time to make a real plan. I just like to start sewing and see where that gets me. Hastily, I did some measuring to ensure that our duvet cover would actually fit the duvet we already have. Josh was excited for a fun duvet cover, so he helped me cut out strips of fabric. I must admit that sometimes sewing feels tedious to me. Cutting strip after strip bogs me down. 
On the flip side, I love to see progress. I love looking at the finished product and thinking “I made that.” This duvet cover had it’s ups and downs. I started making it in early August and then picked it up again in September after our move to Wichita. As it started to get a bit chillier, Josh and I were eager to use our duvet and to have a nice cover on it. I stayed up later than desirable one night to finally finish it and, I’ll admit, I was rather grumpy. But it’s done and we love it!
I can’t really give a tutorial for this project because, like I said, I don’t have concrete measurements for all the strips of fabric. I do encourage you to just try making something new if you get inspired! And try not to get grumpy like me along the way. You can do it!


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