01 November 2013

camping in kanopolis.

Back in early October, Josh and I headed out of Wichita for a camping trip with our friends Kenzi and Cora. We decided to explore Kanopolis State Park, which is close to the super cute Swedish town Lynsberg, Kansas. We had an awesome, blustery time in Kanopolis! Josh and I haven’t been camping or hiking since this summer in Norway, so I was eager to pop up our tent, make some camping stove meals, and hang out in front of the campfire for a few days.  During our weekend getaway we did get to eat tasty meals, toast marshmallows and chat in front of the campfire. We also spent a lot of time reading and writing in our tents because it was so darn windy outside. We even ate breakfast in our car! Kenzi entertained us with "who-dun-it" puzzles while we ate pancakes. On Saturday we went hiking on Horse Thief Canyon trail. I love wandering in nature. While tucked away in my sleeping bag I read my Great Grandma Z's journal from a cross-country family camping trip she took with her husband and four kids in 1956. It's called "Ways to the Wilderness." I think my Great Uncle helped get her journal published and it was passed around amoung our family. I find myself bringing this book/journal on all my camping trips. I just love reading about her experience in the wilderness, while I am also sitting outside (or in my tent) on a camping trip. Do you guys have any books like that- you know, ones that you only read on certain occasions or certain times of year?

Anyways, I was delighted to find out that Kansas has some good opportunities for camping and hiking. We only had drive about 1.5 hours outside of Wichita to reach Kanopolis. If you're interested in camping/hiking, but live in a not-so-awesome-for-hiking type state, look around for State parks or wilderness areas. You might be surprised!

Interested in hiking or camping in Kanopolis State Park? Here’s some info: 
Kanopolis State Park is located in Marquette, Kansas and has lots of camping sites for tents or RVs, as well as trails for hiking and horseback riding. We set up camp right on the shore of the lake, which made for a super windy weekend and stunning sunsets. The Park charges a small fee for cars and for each night you camp. Not far from our campsite was a basic bathroom and a water pump. Fun fact: Kanpolis was the first State Park in Kansas. Find out more here

Enjoy the Autumn air this weekend!

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