17 September 2012

project life: week one

I started project life with the intent of documenting our first year of marriage.  But then I just couldn't wait to start because this project looked like so much fun (and it is)!  So, I recorded the summer, our wedding and now here's week one of married life: our honeymoon in Long Beach, WA.
We actually spent a couple days in Greenville after our wedding to wind down and spend more time with family.  This felt like a good thing because we knew we wouldn't get to see most of our family for another year.  We flew into Seattle and drove to Long Beach, WA, where Josh's best friend has a cabin that we got to stay in for free!  Long Beach is a cute little town with ice cream shops, bakeries, a farmers market and, of course, a long beach with an awesome dune trail.  The cabin had a great view out to the ocean.  We relaxed in Long Beach for 5 days and then drove back to Seattle.  Our stay in Seattle felt much too short, but it's was necessary this way.  We had a great time relaxing and picnic-ing with the Cranston family and had a big reception for all of the Seattle friends.  Leaving Seattle was the first of our many goodbye's before we left for Norway and that was hard.
A bit chilly, but a great honeymoon!

For those of you interested in starting this project, look here to learn more about project life.  For those of you scrapbookers or other project lifers,  here are the supplies I used in these pages: Black Signature Binder, Project Life Cardstock- Cobalt Collection, Photo Pocket Pages Designs A and B (I have this variety pack),  buttons and paper tabs from Ormolu, colorful Sharpies, American Crafts Slick Writers. American Craft Thickers. Washi tape from this etsy shop.  Lots of kraft cardstock, because it's my favorite.  Since I'm pretty thrifty, I plan on mostly using supplies I already have.  However, I have discovered the wonderful world of free project life printable journaling cards.  I suggest searching for project life on pinterest to find lots of freebies. 

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