03 September 2012

frognerseteren hike.

Josh and I were feeling a bit embarrassed that we'd been in Oslo for three weeks and hadn't gone on a real hike! Yeah, we'd walked around Sognsvann Lake and gone for lots of runs, but never a long hike.  And it's so easy here.  We're 20 minutes from downtown Oslo, but also 20 minutes from good hiking trails. On Friday afternoon we hopped on the Tbane (the metro) and rode about 45 minutes out to Frognerseteren.  We were escalating in elevation a bit so we got some incredible views of Oslo and the fjord.  We hiked for about three hours from Frognerseteren back to Sognsvann Lake.  A great loop, but a bit long for us. Since we've been sick we were pretty exhausted by the time we got home, but the fresh air and the trees were wonderful afternoon companions. 
We came upon a cute pond and stopped to relaxed.

Most of the hike was on narrow gravel roads, but some of the trails took us through the woods and into some muddy, swampy areas. My favorite hiking trails are the ones scattered with rocks and tree roots that you can hop along.  I think even as a kid I loved to hop from rock to rock while hiking.  We look forward to exploring more of the hiking trails here!  We also found out that the trail we hiked along is a common route for skiers in the winter. I'm really interested in learning how to cross country ski.  I think I might get might chance sooner than I want, though.  I'm slightly afraid of winter here.  
What adventures did you go on this weekend?

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  1. This is my Father's world and to my listening ears all nature sings....


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