06 February 2013

project life in 2012: weeks 18- 22

Here's the last installment of project life in 2012!

week 18
This week: I worked on some custom projects for my mom and my mom-in-law.  I went on an awesome, yet challenging, cross-country ski trip. Other than the ski trip, it was kind of a slow week.  Josh had exams, so he couldn't participate in the ski trip.

week 19
This week: The start of the Christmas festivities!  We started decorating more and I made a tiny tree from branches in the forest.  The biggest thing this week was a visit from Josh's Uncle Frank Kline.  He came for just a day and half, but we really enjoy showing him our home, hiking and Christmas shopping.

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week 20
This week: We spent some time with a lot of our Oslo friends before we headed home for Christmas.  Our first stop on the USA tour was Seattle where we hung out with Josh's family and friends.  As Josh put it, we were leaving one home and going to another.

week 21
This week: More Seattle time.  We went to the Nutcracker, shared meals with friends and family, went snowshoeing, made granola, had a caroling night in the Cranston's neighborhood, and we had our own Cranston Christmas morning.  It was a good.

week 22
This week: We traveled to the Greenville and celebrated Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. We played a lot of games, ate a lot of good food and sang a lot of folk songs (like our family's favorite- the Frozen Logger). We also spend some time with part of my Mom's side of the family, which was also great.  And, two of our good friends from college got married!

A great finish to a really great year!

For those of you interested in starting this project, look here to learn more.  For those of you scrapbookers or other project lifers,  here are the supplies I used in these pages: Black Signature Binder, Project Life Cardstock- Cobalt Collection, Photo Pocket Pages Designs A and B (I have this variety pack), Seafoam Project Life Core Kit, buttons and paper tabs from Ormolu, colorful Sharpies, American Crafts Slick Writers, American Craft Thickers, Washi tape from this etsy shop and random cardstock from my collection.  Lots of kraft cardstock, because it's my favorite.  Since I'm pretty thrifty, I mostly use supplies I already have.  I got the Seafoam Core Kit for Christmas and it's making this project so much easier and more fun!


  1. Rach. Your genius crafting skills never cease to amaze me. Also, I miss you a ton already. Expect an email soon!!

  2. Thanks Niqui! I've been meaning to email you, as well. It will happen. SOON!


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