05 November 2012

apples galore.

Oh the apples of autumn have been so abundant and wonderful!  Not only do we have a friend who has let us pick juicy, ripe apples off her tree, but we have found various neglected trees which we decided to care for by harvesting the apples.  We've made batches of applesauce and have added apples to our oatmeal, pancakes and coffeecakes.  I thought I would share our applesauce recipe and the links to a few of my other favorite apple recipes.
about 20 apples (but really, use as many can fit into your largest pot)
brown sugar
lemon juice

Okay, we don't really have a recipe with specifically measured ingredients.  But this is what we do:
1.  Core apples and cut into 8 pieces
2.  Put apples into a pot with 1-2 cups of water
3.  Add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar, several squeezes of lemon juice and several dashes of cinnamon.
4.  Cook for 1-3 hours or until apples can easily be mashed.  Taste the applesauce and decide if you want more sugar or cinnamon.
5. Eat some, let it cool and put your delicious apple sauce in jars for the winter!
Some favorite apple recipes found through the internet:
Apple Pancakes
Apple Cinnamon Coffeecake
Puff Pancake with Apples (Instead of sautéing pears, we sauteed apples)
Baked Apples
In addition to all the apples we've collected this fall, we've also accumulated two Norwegian sweaters!
Happy November!


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