20 May 2012

our new garden.

This spring a bunch of friends and I started a garden.  We built raised beds, shoveled horse manure, dug up the Earth and planted vegetables upon vegetables (all from seed).   Joshua spends a lot of time weeding, watering and hanging out with the plants everyday and I join in on the gardening activities about once or twice a week.  Friday was one of those delightful days.  Classes have ended so we spent a couple hours gardening in the sun. (Sidenote: I'm completely done with college!  All that's left is graduation in a week.)  We've planted squash, tomatoes, beans, peas, lettuce, beets, carrots, zucchini, basil, oregano, dill, and peppers.  So far we've harvested some lettuce for salads and basil for pasta.  I can't wait until the tomatoes are ripe!  Fresh, homegrown tomatoes are my absolute favorite!  That twine thingy you might notice in some photos is for the climbing peas.  Some are climbing, but some are dying :(  We're still learning how to make plants grow!
For Joshua's birthday we went to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.  Josh's favorite was garden was the vegetable garden (not too surprising).  We were impressed by how productive the botanical Garden's vegetable garden already was!  And for any curious readers, none of the vegetables in their garden go to waste (we asked). I thought this vertical garden was pretty cool too:
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday!

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