26 April 2012

Week in the Life: Monday

loving the sunshine + new plant--morning run--parched after said run--conserving shower water--studying aztec creation myths--admiring my painted sticks--snacking on homemade donuts while studying--enjoying bonsai stamps for our wedding invitations

Week in the Life started by Ali Edwards is a project to help/encourage people to record the little, everyday things in their week.  This week is a busy one for me and this project slows me down a bit.  It helps me to see that amidst the homework/studying/meetings there is so much joy in my life.  


  1. oh rach, this just made me SO HAPPY. when i saw the pic of the water in the shower i remember you talking about doing that!! i am so impressed and inspired!!
    and love your creativity and the fun things you like to learn about (aztec creation myths? so cool!)

    love and miss you, friend!


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