29 February 2012

adventures in knitting.

Right before Christmas my friends and I decided to take up knitting and currently it's the only crafty sort of thing I have time for. The great thing about knitting is that it's portable, which means I can knit during class or chapel.  A couple of my teachers really don't mind if I knit in class-- I'm a kinesthetic learner so it works out well for me.  I also find the process soothing and relaxing.  My first knitting project was a scarf for Joshua.  I'd call it successful despite a few holes/dropped stitches at the beginning of the scarf.  What do you think?
I've kind of always thought that I could teach myself to make anything within the realm of crafty things.  Now, after entering the world of knitting, I'm thinking I should revise said thought to "within the realm of paper crafts and sewing." Knitting has proven to be a bit more difficult than I expected.  With some lovely yarn I received for Christmas I knitted scarf number 2, which turned out to be too wide.  Much, much too wide.  I unraveled it and realized that to get good at knitting I must keep trying.  Here's the unraveling of the super wide scarf:
Scarf number three, knit with wool yarn, turned out pretty well, though.  This one is for my sister, but I will admit that I wore it for three days straight before giving it to her.

Currently I am knitting a scarf for myself from the unraveled yarn of failed scarf number 2.  I decided to challenge myself a bit and learn a new stitch.  Scarf number four is my attempt at moss stitch, which is basically just alternating every stitch between knit stitch and purl stitch.  So in the world of knitting it's not really a challenge.  All my knitting knowledge comes from this site and knitting inspiration comes from soulemama.  I hope someday to be knitting sweaters in an hour like she does.  But for now, I will stick to scarves.
 p.s. I have used those large-ish wooden needles shown above in all four of my knitting projects.  They're great.


  1. so fun!! it's been ages since i knit, but i should start it again. i remember trying crocheting in girl scouts and practically crying because i couldn't figure it out haha - why are some crafts so hard??
    have you ever done looming?? my sisters got really into it and made fun scarves using it.

  2. i've never done looming, but it sounds awesome. it also sounds like it would require a lot of supplies. is that true?

  3. actually it doesn't! it's just a loom and yarn...you can make looms pretty easily too i think (just two panels of wood and nails!)


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