23 September 2011

simple pleasures

I am a huge fan of positivity.  Often my natural spirit is positive, but not always; sometimes negative thoughts flood my head.  When I'm feeling down I like to think of simple things that bring me joy and help me to remember that life is mostly quite good.  I like to call them simple pleasures.  So right now, in the midst of researching for a paper all about semicolons, I would like to note some small things that bring me so much happiness.

1. chocolate peppermint stick luna bars  2. watercolors  3.  doing homework with a candle burning in this candle holder from my friend Wesley    4. the compline choir podcast from itunes (everytime I'm in Seattle, Josh and I go to this compline service at St. Mark's Cathedral)   5. wool socks

1 comment:

  1. mmmmm i'm obsessed with luna bars! my fave is the lemon zest :)


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