10 May 2011

getting crafty.

Being back in the States and all I have had ample time to do crafty things again.  Quilting, paper crafts and painting have been my crafts of choice lately and I'm loving it!  I really missed expressing myself through the art of making things while in Costa Rica.   This blog started as a way to promote my etsy shop, but this past semester became more of an account of my adventures abroad in Latin America.  I liked the outlet this blog gave me to put my experiences and thoughts into words.  So I plan to use this blog as both a place to express my thoughts on life and a place to share the projects I'm doing and the products I'm selling in my shop.  For any of you who read my blog to know what I was doing in Latin America, I hope you continue to read because while I am no longer having new adventures abroad, I am still processing my experiences there and I will continue to have more adventures here in the mother land.

Here is a glimpse of the quilt I am working on.  I started last summer (I know, I know, I'm slow) and I plan to finish it this summer.  I love the bright colors and that I don't really have a specific pattern.  More on quilting later.
 And, coming soon, new paper products for my shop

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