31 December 2010

11 days

Originally, I thought this blog would be about crafting.  You know, paper and things, my etsy shop happenings.  It turns out that I do more living of life than crafting, so I have come to the conclusion that this is my all purpose blog.  My life blog.  The next big thing in my life is the Latin America Studies Program in Costa Rica.  In 11 days I will be arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica.  I will be staying with a host family, practicing Spanish and taking classes about Latin American culture and history.  Hopefully, I will also be taking short trips to Nicaragua and Cuba.  I don't have a lot of information about what this semester will be like, but I do know two things.  I am super excited and scared to death.  I can't wait to experience a different culture, feel the sun, get to know my host family, swim in the ocean, eat new food.  On the other hand, what if I make a cultural faux pas!?  What if I my family doesn't like me or I don't like them?  What if I try to speak Spanish and my vocal cords don't work? 

As for now, I will read my LASP required reading, start to pack and enjoy my last 11 days in the US of A.

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  1. You ll do great!
    You'll have one of the greatest time of your school career. Don't worry they will love you. You are a very likable human being. Just open your heart up to the universe!


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