06 July 2010


Due to two unfortunate events (one more serious than the other), I have been feeling uncreative and unmotivated to do anything related to paper and crafts. First unfortunate event- leaving Seattle. I cried in the airport. Kind of embarrassing, I know, but it is hard to not see your best friend for two months. Even harder than that is what my sister is experiencing right now. One of her best friends died in a car accident last week. That sort of thing is absolutely devastating. I hardly knew her friend and I was feeling depressed all week.

So, I started making square envelopes out of a roll of kraft paper that I rescued from a trash can. Who would throw that kind of thing away?? I was more than happy to save that paper from going to the dump. I have a square envelope template, which I used, and I sort of made up the envelope liner on my own. To make the envelopes sealable I used double sided tape with protective paper on one side. Any suggestions for a better way to make handmade envelopes sealable? Once I made some envelopes, I got inspired to make some cards. A little inspiration from Ali Edwards' blog helped too. Here are some pictures of the envelopes/cards I have made.

These flowers are in my front yard. Nature is absolutely amazing.

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